Frequently Asked Questions

What is the money from Daffodil Day used for?
The money raised on Daffodil Day is used to provide patient and family support, fund scientific research into cancer, and to run health promotion programmes to reduce the risk of cancer. You may wish to read about how the funds are used.

Does Daffodil Day have a sponsor?
ANZ is the Principal Sponsor of Daffodil Day and a Major Sponsor of the Cancer Society. Since 1990 they've helped to raise millions for Daffodil day through selling merchandise, collecting donations and a huge variety of staff fundraising activities. The funds collected by ANZ staff in your region are allocated directly to your local Cancer Society to help those in your community that are affected by cancer.

How much does a daffodil cost?
On our street collection day, fabric daffodils are given in exchange for a donation of your choice. Every donation counts.

Do other countries have a Daffodil Day?
Many other countries hold an annual Daffodil Day to support their cancer fundraising campaigns.

Do other countries use a daffodil as their symbol?
Yes, Ireland, England, Slovakia, Canada, America and Australia among others use a daffodil as their symbol.

How can I volunteer to help on Daffodil Day?
As well as collecting for us on the day, volunteers are needed in the build-up to the event and for many months after, providing valuable assistance in a number of areas. If you have some time (as little or as much as you can spare) please see what opportunities are available on our Volunteers page.

If I don't see a collector how can I donate?
There are many ways to donate, either by telephone, mobile texting, or making an online donation.

What precentage of my donation goes towards the work of the Society?
The Cancer Society aims to contain costs as much as possible and over 80 cents in every dollar is used to provide support services and information to cancer patients, their whānau, family and friends, funding research and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

How can I buy fresh daffodils?
Businesses can pre-order a bunch of fresh daffodils by contacting their local division through our online form.

Fresh daffodils are also sold at some collection sites around the country. Some supermarkets also contribute a portion of the sale of fresh daffodil bunches to us from the day.